SJS Executives, LLC provides a range of workforce solutions to military, federal, and commercial industries. With a staff that brings 40+ years of logistic, technical, and mechanical experience, SJS Executives has the expertise to handle every aspect of your business needs, from business planning and logistics to staffing solutions to project completion.


SJS Executives provides workforce solutions to all branches of the armed forces, in skilled trade areas such as welders, electricians, and carpenters as well as administrative and logistic support. With an emphasis on recruiting veterans and skilled trade craftsman, SJS Executives, LLC provides a strong group of workers that understand military business procedure and can integrate into your team with ease.

Because many of our staff and team leaders have military backgrounds, we understand the challenges of government projects. We work to minimize those challenges and take on the time-consuming administrative tasks so your project is as streamlined as possible.


Since <year of first Fed. contract> SJS Executives, LLC has provided employment management solutions for numerous federal agencies including <Federal Agency 1, Federal Agency 2, and Federal Agency 3>. We will build a team that will successfully fulfill all contract needs.

Contact us today to see how we can meet your federal workforce needs.


SJS Executives, LLC provides knowledge-based solutions to commercial services in a variety of industries in addition to government contracting. We will tailor employee and business solutions to your unique needs, providing the expertise of our own team as well as recruiting a team to provide maximum support. From building contractors to CPA offices, SJS Executives will provide a successful, efficient, and professional solution to your needs, whether staffing or business management.

Knowledge-based solutions

Skilled Trade Solutions

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